The biggest challenge when purchasing another property is deciding whether to purchase initially or first sell. Both are risky as you may end up with two houses or none altogether. Real Estates Calgary Guaranteed Sold Price Program can solve this problem. Before you even make an offer with our team, we prepare an entire market analysis for your property. This will include the computerized printing of comparable sales as well as current listings in the vicinity. With this information, we establish a market worth for the home.

This is also the basis for your guaranteed price as well as the list price that you will receive in writing prior to our beginning to promote your property. When you receive the guaranteed price from us, you’ll have the assurance that your house will be sold.

If you sign up to our Guaranteed Sold Price program, you’ll be able to look for your next house with more peace of mind. If you come across a property you like, you can instantly make a formal cash offer as you know what your home will be sold for.

The greatest benefit of my Guaranteed Sold Price Program is that it eliminates the usual anxiety and stress homeowners face. No offer conditional or emotional roller coaster and no risk of being stuck with two houses. The Guaranteed Home Sold price Program will make the home hunting process much more enjoyable because you can be confident that your house is sure to sell.

FAQs Related To Our Guranteed SOLD Program

What are important points need to consider while buying a home?

Speak to your mortgage broker about your financial limitations, and compare houses for sale by inviting your realtor to guide you through shows. Keep a record of homes you’ve visited, along with the pros and cons written down and set aside time to review your list of houses you’d like to visit. Be sure to do your research by reading the condo documents and making use of my local network of professionals.

What should I do to get back property tax paid by me?

Taxes on property are changed by your lawyer during the course of the closing of the transaction. The buyer will compensate buyers for excess payments that you paid on a pro-rata basis or give the buyer an official credit for any unpaid taxes that might be due.

Who pays the Realtors?

The Seller in the present contract is accountable for any real estate commissions. If you’ve signed the listing contract, you instructed that the commissions be paid out of the proceeds from the sale. The lawyer you hired will cover any remaining sums during the closing procedure.

How often I can claim my rental income?

Every month, the earnings from Rental Income and any Maintenance bills will be transferred to the account you prefer. There is no hassle and the money will show up.