Taran is aware of and appreciates the confidence and trust of customers and strives to meet the expectations of his clients. Additionally, he is known for providing quality service, professionalism, and market knowledge while he is selling a property, especially to first-time home-buyers.


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Who We Are & What We Do

About Calgary Real Estate

We are a dynamic Real Estates Calgary company that is dedicated to improving your real estate experience in an advanced state. Our experts help buyers and sellers from novice buyers who are buying their first condo to mid-range buyers and of course the luxury market. We take a simple and straightforward method of dealing with Real Estates Calgary. Overall, we pride our team in offering honest advice, with the highest quality of customer service that is available in the market.

Moreover, our company is committed to ensuring that agents are provided with the latest knowledge, training, and information.

Our agent’s expertise in real estate


meets your expectations in real estate.

Some details:

Firstly, Real Estates Calgary adheres to an uncompromising ethical code of conduct and ethics throughout the day.

If you decide to partner with us, you can be confident of knowing that the REALTOR you choose will keep your best interests at heart throughout the day.

You can be sure that you'll always be aware of following each step that your REALTOR does along with you.

Every REALTOR is professionally trained to help you negotiate your purchase or sale. As this is the most crucial aspect in your home buying transaction.

Every REALTOR who you encounter at our firm is a genuine person, with their own unique quality.

All of our team members composed of REALTORs are committed to being reliable, knowledgeable, and experienced.

Further, we provide Buyer's and Seller's packages right from the beginning that will get you started beginning on the right track. Our aim is to explain every step, inform our customers and address any queries during the process.

Every one of our REALTORs will allow their contracts to be reviewed during the transaction process. This is done in order to maintain the highest quality of professionalism for both clients and their businesses.


Our thoughts are essentially this. It’s all about YOU, not us. If we’ve not done something so outstanding that you’ll be able to will remember our name next time you require us.

We aim to make not only your move day but your whole moving experience as smooth as it is. We're offering this to you. Above all, we believe the fact that Real Estates Calgary is redefining the process of selling your home. We're passionate about helping you navigate through this crucial life decision during home buying or selling. We have the expertise with the resources and connections to help you successfully market your property or assist you in finding, and securing your dream home.